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This website showcases all the maps participating to the Map Design's Contest. I remind everyone this is a contest to select tournament maps

Maps are always in the same order, but when you doesn't open a link to dedicated to a map, it'll open one random map.

To stop and retake your reading through, use the button Map details.

Left Click on the central map to switch with the one behind.

Hover on the central map to zoom on it.

Left Click on the previous/next map to view these.

Sometimes you have the choice of the language by clicking on the flag

Different votes are organized on/by these websites/organism :
- Big Bad (Forum FR)
- Jalatofus (Forum ES)
- Double Critical (Blog DE/UK)
- Japanime Games (US distributor)
- Official Forums (International)

I encourage you to vote with one of these.

You have until Thursday, June 20 2014 Midnight GMT + 1.
That can slightly vary depending of the website/organism !